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March 09, 2007


jon birch

your stories are wonderful... i so understand polly... i know alot of polly's and i may even be one myself. thanks for this.


Thanks for visiting Jon, and thanks for the encouragement about the stories - I find them a helpful way of playing around with issues that I don't understand fully.

By the way, I do hope that any visitor to this site will click on your name and follow the link to your site - those pictures are so sharp and powerful. Thank you for them.


jon put me on to your story - wonderful site. thanks. i have linked to it and will hopefully send a few readers your way!


And I'm one of those readers Jonny sent! Great story. I was intrigued that the growers made their own decision as to what growth was. I wanted to hear about the the mentors (snake or otherwise) who challenged those assumptions along the way.

=) B


Funnily enough, Blair... I'm not sure that the story is about growth... but then again...

To see where the story grew from you need to read a couple of earlier posts "the two teenagers" and "just a little more than I can handle".

I think that I was playing around with the problems of different communities not being able to communicate or appreciate where the other is coming from.

and if any of you are interested, I am tall, very round and have sturdy legs, sigh :-(


I'm another reader that Jonny sent over - great story. I love it. Will also link to it...


Awesome! I found this helpful, thank you.


David and Pootle

you're most welcome and thanks for the encouraging comments.

Isn't it funny, I think that I preferred the other two stories (they were all written within a couple of hours of each other) and yet this is the one that is resonating with folk.

only thing in this world stranger than a reader is a writer!

look forward to furthe comments

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